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I've been active in the music industry for 12 years, either producing, engineering, mixing or playing.  My passion for music began at a very young age, my parents bought me a set of drums at age 8, the rest is history.  I grew musically through lessons and being involved in band and jazz band in school, also playing music with several friends.  In High School, my attention turned to recording after stepping into Audio Dallas recording studio for the first time.  My School had a successful Jazz program and our teacher gave us an opportunity to cut a live jazz record to tape, I was hooked.  I pursued recording arts ever since, buying gear and recording anyone that would let me.  After learning on my own I met a guy named Travis Brockway who helped me grow exponentially. I was able to work several years in a very well equipped studio called Wellhouse Studios owned by Christian Artist Shane & Shane and was involved in some awesome projects.  I also found myself able to use skills in the live sound world, I had the opportunity to go on a few tours, flying and designing sound systems in a different room every night for Artist Jimmy Needham.  The first tour I went on I met Will Hunt who was playing drums, that is how I ended up in Fort Worth as a resident in the B Room of Spaceway Productions.  I now live in Fort Worth and attended and mix FOH for Watermark Church.




I offer full service mixing for any type of project at very reasonable rates for any size budget.  I have a great deal of experience mixing many different genres and have developed a unique commercial quality sound implementing a mixture of analog and digital tools that will bring a new life to your project.  I believe that you as the client should be totally satisfied with the end result no matter what, with my experience, tools and ears I have no doubt that we can achieve that.      


Mixing Rate:

$350 Per Song - This will include a full resolution file ready for mastering, Instrumental, Radio Mix (Instrumental with BGVs) and Instrument and Vocal Stems



In addition to mixing services, I offer full Production services.  I will take your record or EP from Start to Finish, offering insight for writing, arrangement, sounds and marketing.  I can help make the process much more enjoyable by offering to handle budgeting, scheduling studio time and musicians. Rates for Production can change and be flexible depending on the specific needs of the project, so please contact me for those specifics.  I am available to solely engineer if you choose to self produce, Spaceway Productions' fantastic studio A is a great choice to work in and I would be happy to engineer the perfect drum or any other instrument sounds you would like to achieve.  If you have live production needs, I have a great amount of experience also.  I've mixed many tours, concerts and conferences in many different rooms, I'm also familiar with a vast number of live mixing consoles.  My Production Day Rate for Studio or Live is $350 per day.   


Gear & Studio


My studio is based around a Protools 10 HDX system, MADI I/O and 64 I/O of Antelope Orion 32 conversion, this allows me to utilize my nice collection of outboard gear and vintage 48 input Midas XL200 analog console.  I use a hybrid setup where most of the outboard is setup as hardware inserts and the console for summing so that recall in the analog domain is quick and easy.  

Preamps: Avedas MA5 Pair, Vintech 573 Pair, A Designs Pacifica Pair, 48ch Midas Pres, Universal Audio LA-610.

EQ: Inward Connections Brat Pair, NightPro EQ3D Stereo

Compression: Retro STA Level, Retro Double Wide, Serpent Audio SB4001 SSL Bus Comp, Germanium Little Devil pair, 1176 Revision D Kit, Disressor EL8 Pair, RND 5043 pair, Ashley SC-50 pair, DBX 160A x3, DBX 160X Pair.

Other / Monitoring: RND 542 Tape Emulator pair, Dangerous D-Box, T.C. Electronics D-Two and M-One, Dynaudio BM6A Mk1 and KRK Sub, NS-10M and Hafler amp.

Microphones: Microtech Geffel UM92.1S, Soundelux U95, Peluso P12, Royer R121, AEA R84, Shure SM7B, Beyer Dynamic M201, Sennheiser MD421, AKG D12VR, Shure SM57 x4, AKG 414BULS, AKG 414EB Pair, Sony C38B Pair, Beyer Dynamic MC930 Pair, Oktava MK0-12 Pair, CAD M179 x3      


Mixing Examples



Phone - (214) 356-8141

Email - murphydanielr@gmail.com

Address - 1110 E Lancaster Ave.  Fort Worth, TX 76102